Does the starting price affect sales?

    In business, since the auction price is a barrier to entry. The lower it is, the more people will be able to participate in the auction. And if much higher – on the contrary. The more people go to your page, the more the social influence factor is: “look, everyone needs this service”. This is how automakers operate, offering basic car accessories and optional items. Fiverr’s service is also organized the same : in order to get the order, you have to put the lowest possible price, and additional services – for an additional fee.

Plus, trading at a low price encourages participants to take more steps. And the more steps we take, the more we want to win. This is the same as in personal relationships – the more time and money we spend to “win” a partner, the more we like him or her.

So, set the lowest possible price, but be sure to calculate the cost for additional services.