Google Chrome browser will notify sites with similar addresses that can be used for fraud

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Google continues to improve its proprietary browser Google Chrome, which is the most popular browser in the world with a share of more than 65%.

Another innovation that will be available to all Google Chrome users is the fight against similar URLs, in which one letter can be replaced almost invisibly with another letter or sign ( or and etc).

As a result, users do not get to the address that they originally needed. Often, the browser will simply give an error message, as there is simply no such address on the web, but sometimes attackers deliberately create such sites that are used for fraud.

In the next stable build, Chrome browser will be able to open a website with a similar address, but it will notify the user that he may have planned to follow the correct link and will offer the most logical option. If the site carries a potential threat, the user will receive a notification about this even before he presses the Enter key.