How does Target ADVERTISING (TARGETING) work in SMM?


A specific feature of targeting is orientation to a specific target audience, which can significantly save costs on an advertising campaign. There are such kinds of targeting: temporary, by interests, thematic, language and geo-targeting.

Video on YouTube, Instagram and other social networks are the main information and sales platforms where targeted advertising is effectively used.

Targeting ads run like this:

Place your demographic targeting

We’ll write a list of demographic segments that you want to focus on.

Create Ads

Facebook does not allow you to save ads without being sent for pre-moderation. Therefore, it’s better to submit one version of the advertisement for each social segment for verification.

Create a copy of the ad

The title, image and body of the ad must be combined in order to undergo moderation. Selecting relevant images and writing compelling ad copies has a big impact on higher click rates.

Choose a campaign

If you create ads through the web interface, click “Create a new campaign” and make sure that you can choose one of two budget options – permanent or change your daily budget to $1.00.

Let’s conduct A / B testing

The work of an online marketer does not give him the right to a personal opinion and, if he wants to offer something, he must back it up with material facts. Testing will help to get real numbers, based on which you can make the necessary decisions.

Let’s analyze an example:

An example is you sell toys.

It turns out that your target audience (Target Audience) in SMM is primarily mothers with children and this depends on what age category this product is for.

So, you need to do it so that these mothers see your promotional offer.


With the help of Facebook advertising “ADS MANAGER” – we can tune in to the audience that interests us.


We select – Female gender, from 18 to 35 years old, Country (or city) and configure detailed targeting for:

Parents who are interested in – kindergartens, toys, children’s clothing

And you can also do this:

Tune in to all parents who are interested in kindergartens, children’s clothing, toys, preschools and at the same time that they are involved buyers and make online purchases.

You can also test the sites that the ad leads to.

For example, if we run ads on Instagram, we can lead the person to the site, landing page, Instagram profile, post on Instagram, Lead form, Messages on Direct or WhatsApp, application, etc.

TEST ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN – needed to identify a more successful connection (Goals, Audience, Creatives, Text, Site)

After identifying the most successful campaign, turn off all the others, and leave in our work more favorable to us.