How to find a client on the Internet? 5 proven ways


Over the past few decades, sales processes have undergone tremendous changes. What was effective in sales 5 or 10 years ago can be counterproductive today – pushing the customer away from the brand and therefore away from buying. There are two main reasons why successful sales have changed so much. First, the vast majority of sales have moved to the Internet. For those who do not advertise on the Internet, it is difficult (if at all possible) to succeed in business. Secondly, today’s customers dislike being sold. However, this does not change the fact that – paradoxically – they love to buy. In this article, we answer the question of how to meet their requirements, is how to attract customers over the Internet. Here are 5 proven and effective methods.

Before announcing the ways, it should be noted that nowadays customers are looking for companies, not vice versa. When we write about companies, we obviously mean the products and services they offer. Therefore, selling in the 21st century is an attempt for customers to easily and quickly find what we offer them.

Method 1. Website as a showcase of the company

A website is a showcase for every company. It is not only a place to advertise products and services, but also to present the brand – it describes its values, tells about the company’s experience and convinces people to trust it. The website should be user-friendly. This means that when creating and optimizing it should take care of:

  • it should be transparent and intuitive, and therefore easy to use;
  • be responsive, is adapted to each device (laptop, smartphone);
  • it must have a simple and accurate description of the product;
  • it will contain keywords and phrases, is to respond to customer problems;
  • encourage users to act – ask questions, subscribe to the newsletter and, above all, buy.

Method 2. Company blog as proof that you are an expert

A company blog is a great place to constantly prove that you are an expert in a certain field who just likes to share knowledge. This is a response to the statement that to get something from a customer, you have to give him something in advance. Blogging allows you to create a good brand image provided:

  • blogging is regular;
  • it features original, unique content;
  • records are specialized, expert;
  • publications attract attention (headlines, graphics, videos);
  • the owner allows you to comment on the records and guarantees their regular moderation.

Method 3. Promotion on Facebook – Facebook Ads

The website and the blog on it are not all we can do to get a customer to the website. It is also good to act from the outside – for example, launch a fan page on Facebook and place ads on it. Thanks to Facebook advertising and the fact that it is freely customizable, it is easy to reach the target group through advertising. To complete this, consider:

  • who may be interested in our product or service;
  • age category of our potential clients;
  • where people live who mostly use our offer;
  • what are their interests.

The potential of Facebook is huge – in 2022, 2.2 billion people worldwide were registered on this website! So let’s take advantage of this, not forgetting other social networks that also allow you to advertise on the Internet, such as YouTube or Instagram.

Method 4. Advertising on Google – Google Ads

Another external way to attract customers online is through advertising on Google. This is Google Ads, an advertising system created more than 20 years ago in 2000, which makes a company’s website visible to users who search for products or services offered on it. These users are called “valuable customers”, are those who are definitely interested in your offer and are likely to make a purchase. How effective is Google Ads? We mentioned above that customers will look for your offer on their own. So, you don’t have to call or send emails. Such unobtrusive advertising, of course, increases the chances of sale. Google Ads requires people who are in business. You should know that:

  • Google Ads provides leads, not “leads”;
  • Its effectiveness depends on how the brand communicates with potential customers – answering phone calls and answering e-mail as soon as possible is a must if we want Google Ads to provide not only additional views on our website, but also sales. .

Method 5: Get feedback from Google (and more!)

Receiving feedback from customers who have already taken advantage of the company’s offer is often, albeit incorrectly, marginalized. Meanwhile, many positive reviews and comments (including Google My Business) are the best argument for new customers to decide on your company’s products or services. So make sure that:

  • Regularly ask customers for feedback, especially those who praise your products or services and use them often.
  • Respond to all opinions and comments (including, and most of all, unfavorable);
  • turn to critical comments with calmness, understanding, and the need to explain the reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

How to attract customers via the Internet?

The answer to this question is simple – they will find you. How to do it? Enough:

  • have a well-optimized and user-friendly website;
  • regularly prove that you are an expert, blog the company;
  • advertise yourself on social networking sites such as Facebook;
  • advertise on Google Ads
  • Advertise locally on Google My Business
  • make sure to get feedback from those who use our products or services.

Combining these elements will make sales easier than ever. It is also worth noting that all the methods mentioned in the article, which indicate how to attract customers to the Internet, are persistent advertising proposals, which proves its effectiveness.