How to use hysterics in marketing to your advantage?


Whatever and whoever you talk, but the news about the coronavirus is programming sad emotions. Man is an emotional being, first and foremost. This is often overlooked by marketers.

But not all are ready with a cold head ready to sit and watch how the usual world is destroyed.

In the world of Pandemic. A bunch of nerves, predictions, fuss. And not only people. Governments also do not know what to do. With their analytical departments, unlimited resources and strategic planning, they only make beautiful grimaces in this hideous game.

Now everyone’s emotional state is brought to the limit. But that only interferes. Prevents you from concentrating on what’s really important.

Now people are looking for reassurance. Hyperemotionality leads to burnout.

If you are a marketer, now is the time to dampen excessive emotions in advertising and your messages. They will repel (as an organism when overeating, which begins to nourish from a new serving of food).

Well, the hyperemotional advertising is not working now. Any. What works great now? Methods for lowering this hyperemotional voltage. Numbers, graphs, logical explanation, calm tone – it calms emotions and soothes the person.

In the end, it will set you apart on the backdrop of large-scale hysteria.

Just remember. Marketing is the power over emotions. Power (from the word “own”, that is to rule!), Not to cause even more hysteria. At the right time – you need to press the right button, otherwise you can mess everything up.