New Brand starting (Brand Idea)


If you have an initial idea and idea of how your brand will work for a customer, but there are some issues on the way to implementing your design, we will help you solve them. To get started, set out some criteria for yourself:

  • Do you know your potential customers well?
  • Who and why depends on your product / service;
  • Do you know the problems, needs and motives of the clients;
  • The final product / service really meets the customer’s needs;
  • You know how your brand should be perceived;
  • Do you have clear communication;
  • Do you have the tools and materials you need to implement the plan consistently?
  • Whether there are elements of verbal communication (such as slogan and brand history);
  • Whether you have created an identification system that determines how the brand will look (logo, colors, typography, graphic leitmotif, brand book);
  • Have you developed the necessary marketing tools (such as website, e-commerce system, newsletter, blog, flyers, posters, etc.)

How to start building a brand?

Each company is unique in its own way. But the principles of brand design are the same for everyone. They allow you to create a viable and reliable strategy that will help your company grow, expand and be successful in the market.

Creating a brand often starts with an idea.

In practice, different ideas take shape. Businessmen see market opportunities and want to use it. The market also works for a company specializing in innovative products.

What are the typical impulses to create a new brand?

What matters most is whether you know your prospects well and their problems, defeats and frustrations. One of the following statements may be appropriate for you.

  • I want my product or service to solve a customer problem.
  • I want to expand my product or service to more affluent clients.
  • I see significant changes in the market: a clear trend, a change in consumer behavior and habits.
  • I see an opportunity in the market, but I am not an active participant.
  • I see a problem and I want to create a brand that will solve it better than existing solutions.
  • I see trends and changes in the market. I have the idea and the capital to take this opportunity.

In this case, you should start by carefully analyzing the potential of the idea. On the one hand, things can seem simple and, without knowing the dynamics of the market and business context, it is easy to get trapped.

When creating a new brand, be careful not to overestimate the potential or underestimate the amount of investment needed to find and implement effective solutions. On the other hand, you will have to fill in the gap associated with the lack of knowledge about potential customers.

How do you identify the audience that uses your product or service?

Satisfaction of customer desires brings business money. It’s better to know who your customers are and what they want. This will help to analyze the target audience of the brand. To do this, you need to determine who needs what you want to sell. An analytical approach will always increase your chances.

Identifying your target audience allows you to assess whether there is demand for your product or service, or modify it to better meet customer needs; Develop a marketing campaign that engages with the right people, use the right tools to reach them.

To determine your target market, you should answer these questions:

  • What is being sold and why is the offer unique? Why is your product better than your competitors?
  • Who do you want to sell to: parents, retirees, teens, men or women?
  • Why do people buy a product or service from you? Is your store open late so that late customers can visit you? Do you offer free shipping?
  • When starting a business, you need to know clearly not only what will be sold / offered, but also who. Armed with more information, you can make more informed decisions about where to advertise and how to talk to your customers. Determining your target market is the most difficult part of doing business. Once you know who you are targeting, it will be easier to identify the media that can be used to communicate with the consumer and how to behave in the market when offering their products.

How to create a new brand?

Today, when markets are over-saturated and goods and services are no longer different in quality and properties, the brand is one of the most effective tools for competition. Brand is the driver of a successful business strategy.

You can create a brand from anything or anyone. But the main thing is to be noticed by the audience, which is already so full of information and difficult to perceive something new.

The process should be approached first of all in order not to hastily turn the created brand into an anti-brand, which will be very difficult to get rid of.

You need to start planning:

  • selection of own features, unique characteristics;
  • forming a general plan for promoting the created brand;
  • developing a content plan for publications.

When planning, you should consider such an important factor as “packaging”:

  • check all the information currently available on the brand-specific network;
  • to carry out qualitative work on mistakes (in case negative information was found);
  • to carry out quality studio photography that would reflect the style, image, emotional state of the brand.

After such steps, you can safely proceed with its promotion.