Successful brand: what is worth paying attention to?


A brand is a rather difficult concept to understand, which includes not only the name, but also the totality of the attributes and values ​​of a particular company. With the processes of digitalization and globalization, brand formation (or brand building) is becoming an increasingly…interesting process, since not only the recipes of multi-million companies’ success, but also local competitors are taken into account.

What components of a successful brand can be distinguished?

A purpose

The founding of the brand has its purpose. For instance, representatives of the Swedish company IKEA note that their main goal is to ensure proper convenience in homes as the main places of comfort. The goal is your landmark, your road sign. In parallel with this, determine your target audience: will it be a group of young people for whom movement and discoveries are important, or possibly elder people who prefer more peace and less dynamics.

Strategy = order

Actions are preceded by a clearly defined strategy that can be divided into semi-annual, monthly, weekly, and daily plans. Always, always and again always indicate your tasks (short-term or long-term) either on a piece of paper or with apps on a smartphone, but do not forget about it anyway. That’s how you build a kind of route to your goal, and without it you are doomed to chaotic wandering.

Impression is first and foremost

Conservatism is out of fashion. Dry information about the product, which includes its name and components, will not ensure the effectiveness of promotion. However, people demand “bread and circuses”, while bread is your brand, and circuses are its presentation: animated advertisements, catchy slogans, interesting banners. For example, in December, Coca Cola makes unforgettable New Year advertisements, and McDonald’s always reflects the friendly atmosphere in its establishments.

Employees: cadres are all-important

There are no universally accepted criteria for an ideal employee. However, it is worth highlighting that cohesion, integrity and certainty are important for the team. Attract everyone to work, do not leave anyone aside, use various tactics to unite your employees, highlight the work process in posts and in general – do not be indifferent! Your employees are parts of one mechanism and while dropping one part, it will not work as before.

Loyalty: reward customers

Without communication with customers, the brand will be considered inoperative. The brand’s priority is to remain committed to its “fans” who are users of its products / services. In addition to providing your products, carry out unique loyalty programs: send thanks messages to your customers, give to the most active discounts on goods / services. Thus, you will keep their attention for a long period.

Conscious competition

No matter how unique your product may be, remember that you are not alone in the marketing space, and if you have effective ideas, your competitors will want to “borrow” them. In parallel with this, study their strategies, how they imagine, what they offer their customers, how they act: locally or are focused on a foreign buyer.

Be unique

Copying the achievements of others is pointless and, let’s say, uninteresting. The peculiarity of your brand is its unique offer. Nevertheless, its formation is a rather complicated process, but you  need to engage your creativity and understand: what exactly do people want and what have not been invented yet? Therefore, as soon as a thought comes to your head, write it down. Besides, do not forget that a healthy body makes a healthy spirit, and throughout the process of “reconsidering” do not forget to take care of your well-being, physical condition and regime.

Constant brand promotion

Nowadays, mankind is moving forward so dynamically that a day without a simple post can be a significant minus for you. Let everyone know about your brand, how it’s cool and unique and that there are none anywhere and if one refers to it, he or she can radically change your life. The dynamics should be 24/7!

Flexibility: balance between the ends

With the expansion of your brand, the range of its products expands. You take into account the interests of more than one target audience, you discover new technologies, you study the preferences of your customers, in general – you study market trends. Hint: pay attention to your variability. A vivid example is Coca Cola. With the spread of healthy lifestyle fashion among people, the company has launched a new product: Coca Cola Zero, low in calories and sugar free.