The golden rule of marketing: how Branson has begun to conquer space

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Richard Branson is considered to be one of the greatest business innovators of the 21st century due to his curious approaches: from communicating with partners sitting on hammocks to making costumes for space tourists. This is interesting, isn’t it? Thus, are you interested in Virgin’s Golden Rule of Marketing? We think so. And this rule is concise: the idea is above everything. Why?

  1. Any multimillion-dollar marketing campaign can be surpassed by one simple idea.
  2. Consumers buy primarily not a brand, they buy the value of a product.
  3. First of all, the product should bring joy.
  4. Use your own potential as fully as you can. And don’t forget about creativity!
  5. Richard Branson described the initial stage of the company. Despite their small capital, they have attracted media attention by various methods. At the same time, the team was having fun and enjoying their idea.
    There`s a great example. The Virgin StartUp project provided £ 11,000 to The Flash Pack (founder – Lee Thompson). This project is related to tourism and outdoor activities. And a marketing campaign has been allocated with… $ 800. He spent that money on a flight to Rio de Janeiro, where he took a selfie at the top of the statue of Christ the Savior. It was so viral that social media users began to spread it actively. One week after the selfie, the number of visitors to the site reached 2.5 million, and all thanks to the confirmation of the value of travel: it’s cool, it’s unforgettable, it’s fashionable.

Dali_win Recommendation: Remember the main idea of your project and emphasize on the benefits of your product or service for the customer, the ability to present it as vital for the customer. Be creative and brave, as you are free to choose your development strategy. Efficiency can be achieved first and foremost by understanding the essence of the product, the value proposition and the ability to portray it as essential.