Title creating templates

The title in the creation of advertising is not just the name of the text. It is a full-fledged tool that will help you attract attention to tour text.

In this article, we will tell you about 8 simple formulas for writing titles that are suitable not only for advertising, but also for posts and help your company in promoting on social networks.

1. The title “straight” is a title in which you do not go around, but directly say what you offer.

For example, “New free check letter!”, “Manicure at a special price”, “English lessons”.

2. “Indirect” titles – they are the complete opposite of our first example.

Their goal is to play on our curiosity. The title should be of interest so that we want to find the answer to the question in the title. And a more detailed answer should be in the text of the advertisement.

3. “Something new” or “news titles” .⁣⁣

All we want to be aware of recent events, so we are drawn to read and learn about everything new. Include “news” in your titles: “The new course is already online”, “Now delivery throughout Ukraine”.

4. “How to do” titles.

There is a quote: “You can’t write a bad title if it starts with the words “How to do”. For example,“ How to travel on a budget, ”“ How to double sales, ”and so on.

5. Question titles.⁣

The secret of titles is to ask what the reader already knows, but to make it clear that he doesn’t know everything. For example, “Why don’t your hashtags work?”, “Do you spend a lot of money on air tickets?”.

6. Call to action.

In these title, we tell the prospect what to do. “Sign up for an SMM seminar”, “Order now!” etc.

7. List titles

We all know how easy it is to perceive numbered information. That’s why the title “8 best titles templates” is a great idea.

8. Response titles.

Your happy customers are your best advertisement. Use their feedback in advertising! For example, “This course helped me double my sales!”.

Add progressive copywriting to your company’s overall marketing strategy and you will definitely see a positive result!