Visual trends of 2019, according to version Depositphotos

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1. The epoch of personalization

Users leave large volumes of personal data that can be used to offer them more personalized content.

2. Creative provocations

To achieve this effect, you can use non-traditional approaches to photography, art and design.

3. Nostalgia

Major brands, such as Adidas, are inspired by the aesthetics of the 1990s in their visual communication and offer rethought visual language to attract new audiences. Next year, brands will use palettes, patterns and fonts that resemble the aesthetics of the past decades. Especially popular will be the aesthetics of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.

4. Rethinking Art History

Increasingly, in their work, photographers make references to classic paintings, adding an unexpected modern twist.

5. Global esthetics

Quartz News wondered why all the coffee houses in the world are alike? The study showed that not only coffee houses are similar. Social networks began to dictate the visual language, and begin to form the same style of the interior, still life for coffee shops, restaurants, and so on.

6. Add interactivity

A eople will look for new ways to interact with content. The web design will add interactive elements that will make people interact with visual content. In Sydney, Australia, for example, the Museum of Modern Art allows visitors, using abbreviations, to rename the museum, thereby allowing people to join the design.Providing customers with the ability to influence content and design ensures that they remember your brand or product.

7. 3D design

Designers are learning to use new tools and incorporate three-dimensional elements into their work. Adding this type of depth to design creates a new demand for visualization and endangers the existence of static graphic design in the form in which it is now.

8. Minimalism becomes philosophy.

The only trend that did not die, but became more powerful and acquired a new meaning, is minimalism. Next year there will be a demand for conceptual minimalism, not only in the design of websites and applications, but also in the design of products and photos. Minimalism becomes a philosophy, and its task is to stop the viewer’s eye, forcing him to think.

9. New wave of environmental education

Super Bowl Championship organizers spent $ 5 million on advertising to draw attention to social and environmental issues. Brands are starting to raise important topics, and environmental issues are at the top of the list of issues.