What should be the post to want to share

Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is constantly changing and few people understand how it works. People complain time and time again that they do not have something in the tape that interests them, and brands are angry that the coverage of their posts suddenly collapses sharply. Today we will open the veil of secrecy. We have prepared a detailed guide on how the Facebook news feed works and how to “conquer” its algorithm and make your content visible to as many people as possible.

In short, Facebook’s goal is to select the ten most relevant and vivid stories from the thousands that appear daily, and show them in your feed first. These stories are ranked in descending order – starting with the most important.

Then there are a dozen posts shared by your close friends, then posts from the brands you subscribe to, and at the very end – boring events and happenings of distant acquaintances and complete strangers.

Priority is given to stories that you are most likely to like, comment on or share, that you click on and read – that is, in which you are “involved”.

So it is not surprising that Facebook spends so much time and effort on this: the more users are involved in the content, the more time they spend on the site, the more advertising they can show, the more money the social network will earn.

So what should an article be like to want to share it?

1. Simplicity, conciseness and quality photos. People love when they are explained simply and easily how to start a business, or what steps to take first, practical advice that will definitely come in handy. The main thing is that the written text was relevant to the reader.

2. Visual content. Photos, videos, infographics.

Dry text without a visual image does not attract the reader’s eye and there is no response on Facebook. This means that even very boring text can be well diluted with visual content.

3. Competitions, promotions. According to some sources, a certain percentage of Facebook followers subscribe to pages just to participate in contests. Promotions are popular among social network users. People like to win competitions, receive gifts, use something for free.

4. Quotes from famous people, opinions of experts, interviews.

Many people like apt quotes from famous people and experts in a particular field (and it’s no joke!). Especially if they reflect our thoughts and views. Quotes are popular everywhere.

5. Interesting stories or stories from life

Storytelling is a popular way of transmitting information today. There is no better way to engage a user than to tell a story or share a real-life example. The stories are fascinating, forcing the reader to stick to the screen.