15 interesting facts about advertising you may have never heard of


1. There is no outdoor advertising in Sao Paulo. The mayor of the city decided to abolish banners and signboards in 2007. It was conducted within the framework of fighting against pollution program.

2. The most expensive commercial was created by “Chanel”. Its price was 33 million dollars, 3 million of which were given to Nicole Kidman, who casted in clip.

3. Pharmaceutical companies spend on the advertising much more money than on the researches. To outline, 24% of their incomes go on promotion and only 13% – on researches.

4. While creating the wathces commercial, the arrows on them always show either 10:10 or 8:20. Primarly, it is done in order not to close the brand’s name. Besides, arrows positioned in that way seem like a smile, so they can have a positive effect on a customer.

5. Marketers that promote food industry products are considered to be the most numerous group of adverisers.

6. The first billboard was created in the USA in 1990. Americans decides to set them on highways and central streets.

7. A 30-second commercial shown during the live broadcast of the NFL cup final game in the USA costed 3 million dollars.

8. Actor kids that cast in the “products for children” commercials are usually older than their target audience. Marketers do that with a specific purpose: older kids act as an example for youngsters.

9. The Egyptian papyrus is considered to be the first advertising in written form (the first one informs about the slave sales). It is kept in the museum of London.

10. The launch of the “Dove” commercial “Evolution of Beauty” has become the first viral sensation in the history of marketing. Just after one night the number of views was more the 1 million. The clip reveals the backstage life of fashion industry.

11. The oldest advertisement carved on the stone column was found in the ruins of Ancient Egypt city of Memphis. The writing was graved approximately in year 500 B.C. and informed: “Here lives Minos from Cyprus, that is able to interpret dream thanks to gods for a fair money”.

12. The first 468×60 banner appeared in the online magazine called “Hotwired” in 1994. Soon this size became the most popular for banners.

13. Up to 65 years a person watches approx. 2 million videoclips.

14. To image the food in commercials in the best way, non-natural food is used. For example, some beverages in bottles are created by detergents mixed with water, ice cubes are made of acryl (because it won’t melt), meals are covered with special clear glue in order to make it look more appetizing.

15. Every year companies spend more that 500 billion dollars on advertising.