Why do you need the list of Close Friends in Instagram?

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Let’s be honest: who uses the function “Friends List”? You’ll answer: “I don’t know why commercial accounts need this” and, guess what? That’s incorrect!

4 ways how to use the Friends List can change your imagination of this function dramatically and probably today you may form your first Instagram Friends List.

Reward for the active ones

Not only bloggers have loyal, attentive and curious subscribers. Every commercial account has them too. Such users like, comment and in general – fuel the activity on page, that’s why they are worth being encouraged.

Include these users to the List, reward them with discounts or other presents, share them a secret sale or offer them a limited product/service – that’s how you can increase the loyalty and trust of your followers. That’s not us to explain how it is important for commercial accounts.


If you provide services, you need a VIP-membership. Grant with anounces and offer bonuses for the chosen clients. Notify everybody of the opportunity to receive the VIP-membership. Describe all the advantages and steps how to get it.

Backstage for clients

Apart from curious clients, there are also curious competitors, who are to steal your ideas or original decisions. The Friends List exclude all the “bad guys”, competitors and other characters, to whom the content must be unavailable.

A way to say “Thank You”

Thank your clients, but not in full view. Do that privately! By this means you’ll make them feel their importance for you and your brand. This is also a kind of precise relation and, surely, individual approach!