How do you define your target audience by segmenting?

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The market is a fairly diversified structure, the target audience is more volatile. A specific institution has a specific CA. But how do you determine exactly who needs your product? Who will be the most active buyer of your products? Who may not like your product? There is market segmentation for this task. By what criteria should you target your target audience?

Geography: where is my client?

Here you should start with the highest level. Currently, not everyone is Elon Musk and can focus only on the planet Earth, but the first in this classification is the region (Western Europe, East Asia, etc.), then – countries, their regions, and for more localized brands – cities, municipalities etc. The main thing is to consider the peculiarities of doing business in a particular area, as well as general trends and regulatory aspects. Therefore, certain products do not enter the market due to, for example, legislation or sanitary regulations.

Psychology: who is my client?

This type is quite difficult to define because it is more individualized. Not all people are always happy or always depressed, but in this context we are also talking about manifestations of racism, xenophobia, intolerance. The way of life and general characteristics of a person are also taken into account. If you are active and go for a run, then our sneakers are for you! And if you enjoy spending evenings with your family watching a new movie, our TV is on its way to you! This type involves psychologists who study people’s reactions to goods. For example, the same TV.

Are your eyes irritated after watching? Is there a desire to watch more after the hour of viewing (the so-called “drug effect”)? The main thing is a reasonable framework and proper perception

Behavior: How will my client act?

Thanks to this type, you can determine what the motive of the buyer to take this product, how he will use this product, what will be his reaction to the product, whether he will be loyal to a particular brand. It is at this stage that the shelf life, design, and material of production can be reconsidered. That is why a variety of anti-stress products are very popular, due to the fact that manufacturers carefully choose the color, material and purpose.

It is difficult to determine exactly how the customer will use the product, because each behavior is unique. Someone will know the measure when using a laptop, and someone will sit for hours continuously typing text.