7 components of a strong brand

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1. Goal

The goal of your brand is to understand why you wake up every morning and do your work. Profit is important for every business, but remember how you lovely brands are becoming successful. For example, such as IKEA: the goal of this company is not just to sell furniture, but to create a better life and comfort in your home. It attracts customers and guarantees sales.

2. Consistency

You need to avoid things that do not belong to your brand or cannot strengthen it.

Your messages must be consistent and consistent with the overall promotion strategy. So your brand will start to learn. And this will affect the loyal customers.

The example of a great sequence is Coca-Cola brand.

3. Emotions

86% of people are ruled by emotions! And how else can you explain the actions of a man who paid thousands of dollars more for Harley Davidson. But why?

Harley Davidson uses emotional branding. They gave their customers the opportunity to feel part of a large community. They created something more than just collecting of motorcyclists. Use emotional triggers to strengthen your relationships with customers and promote their loyalty.

4. Flexibility

You need to be flexible to stay on the wave.

Consistency forms the standard for your brand. And flexibility allows you to make adjustments that are of interest and distinguish you from competitors.

A great example is Old Spice. Realizing that they need to do something in order to maintain their place in the market, they reformatted their brand for a new target audience. Is there something in your product that has never stood out before? Use this to get new buyers. And remind your old customers why they love you.

5. Employee engagement

It is very important that your employees are well aware of how they should communicate with your customers while introducing the brand.

6. Loyalty

If you already have people who love your brand, reward them for it.

If you promote the loyalty of these people already in the early stages, it will return you more customers. Accordingly, the profit will also increase.

Sometimes, all you have to do is to be thankful.

7. Awareness in the strategies of competitors

What competitor tactics work? And which are unsuccessful?

If you are aware of what is happening with your competitors, you can change the strategy for your branding right in time.

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