How do I quickly match keywords to articles?


Keywords, what are they? These are the keys to certain words?

Now let’s explain . A keyword is a word that has a semantic meaning in the text, it can and should serve as a key when searching for information on the Internet or on the site page. Keywords are involved in a certain algorithm of events. What is meant? To choose high-quality and accurate keywords, you need to carefully study the brand that approached you and their competitors. Words for the technical task of the copywriter.

There are clients who know what they want, namely their own semantics. In this case, we must provide the client with an analysis of what he has and make adjustments. Because bad semantics is a disappointing and undesirable result for the client .

You’re asking, what words will we choose for the store “Your Season”?

And everything is simple. The vast majority of our customer’s goods are coats, so one of the keywords will be: “buy a coat”, then our potential customer will get to the site of a clothing store, and not to the page of freight.

Also, one of the main rules of writing keywords is naturalness, it would seem that it is obvious to everyone, but in fact no, due to the presentation of keywords in an unnatural format, semantics turns into an accumulation of words. Such texts make no sense and seem difficult to the reader.

Keywords are high quality and low quality. How do I understand this?

High quality words are the words that are then first in the search engine system for example:

“Buy a coat” – high quality

“Buy a striped coat” – low quality

Keep in mind, that search engines don’t like it when articles are oversaturated with keywords, such sites are mostly not indexed by Google. The frequency of words is checked by Advego Plagiatus.

The number of words depends on the volume of the text, you should always start from this.

Here are some ideas on how to quickly and efficiently choose words for our texts:

1. First we determine the volume of the text, then we distribute and write the TOR to the copywriter

2. A team of high-quality and productive copywriters, namely those who not only know how to write well, but also understand the SEO specifics of the work.

3. Posting planning. Posting planning plays a big role and reduces your stress and misunderstandings with the client

4. Analyze seasonal fluctuations in demand, and other changes in the popularity of requests

5. Choice of language. Focus on the popularity of the query, on which it is better to submit a query. Or in both languages.

So write the texts accurately and choose the number of words that corresponds to the volume and your customers will be satisfied and with a large bag of orders, and you in turn have a good reputation.