To promote yourself on Facebook – 10 tips from #dali_win


Facebook is the most suitable platform for promoting a personal brand. Unlike Linkedin, on Facebook you can broadcast to a wide audience, not just businessmen and top managers.Do not cheat activity in your profile. It is easy to check and then it will be difficult for you to return the lost reputation.

  • Content should evoke emotion or resonance.
  •  The recommended length of the post – up to 40 characters, such posts get more coverage and often get into the organic issue in the tape.
  • Photo content will help your subscribers identify you externally. Share natural, funny photos with ironic captions – subscribers will like it.
  • To increase engagement, ask questions of your audience, organize surveys.
  • Make a video with your participation, it is a dynamic format, unlike text and photos. The optimal length: 35-40 seconds. Do not make videos more than 60-90 seconds. Accompany video with subtitles.
  • Track info guides and trends, respond to them as quickly as possible.
  • Just ask for a repost. Sometimes you can.
  •  To attract opinion leaders write posts specifically about them, after learning what they care about now. Keep in mind that Facebook puts a number of posts with similar topics.
  • Do not give in to provocations, do not comment on the posts of those who are trying to promote their conviction at the expense of PR.