Benefits of using Google Ads in 2022

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Google Ads is one of the Google services that more and more people and companies are using. This is a great tool that helps increase brand awareness and, as a result, its profits. How to prepare Google Ads advertising? What should be remembered? What are the benefits of using this service?

What is Google Ads?

Until recently, the Google Ads program was known as Google Ads. This is one of Google’s tools that allows you to create and manage ads. Many companies use this type of solution, and their marketing activities include online advertising in the form of graphics, text and video.

How to make Google Ads?

Creating a Google advertisement is basic – you should follow a few rules, follow the recommendations and the positioning of this site will be carried out with the expected effect. Please note that running the campaign requires access to your Google ad account, i.e. Gmail. A big advantage of Google Ads is that ads can be created and included in the Google search engine. This way, the ad will appear between users’ search results, as well as on YouTube and other popular social media sites.

Before launching a campaign, you should consider and plan, among other things: keywords, current advertising trends and preferences of users, that is, potential customers. Thoroughly prepared ads get better and higher ratings from the advertising system, which means a high position in Google search results and profits.

Types of Google Ads

You can create four main types of ads in Google Ads: image, text, video, and ad campaigns.

  • Search campaign – consists in the display of textual content in the Google search engine above the usual search results. Thanks to such advertising, site visits and the number of clicks increase, which results in financial profit. In a search campaign, the most important thing is the choice of keywords and attractive, interesting and relevant advertising content;
  • Media campaign– it is based on graphics. Content is displayed on different pages, and advertising “follows” the customer and studies his behavior, thanks to which it can adapt to the target group with certain preferences. When creating graphic ads, remember about the appropriate size of graphic content because the wrong size may not be displayed correctly on the website;
  • YouTube campaign – based on video. The promotional film is shown between the materials that are on YT – usually before the start of watching the material, but it can also appear during it.

What are the benefits of using Google Ads?

The advantages of Google advertising include: building brand awareness, creating a company image, effective site positioning and financial profit. The better the advertising is planned, the better the results. A great advantage of using Google Ads is the ability to select a target group based on several parameters, such as: gender, age, location and display hours. High accuracy in these questions means that the ad will reach as many potential customers as possible. When local positioning is important, you should choose Google Local Ads.