Case “Private proctology in Ternopil”


Private Proctology from Ternopil applied to SMM DaliWin Agency. The goal is to increase visibility and the average check, as well as attract the maximum number of customers.


“Private proctology” from Ternopil offers you a full range of services. The availability of equipment from world manufacturers, the use of the latest materials helps a team of highly professional professionals to solve the most difficult problems.


  • Filling and design of pages
  • Visual design of pages
  • Development of content ideas and content plan
  • Add photos and video content
  • Team management (posting, administration, application processing)
  • Development of promotions for the clinic and setting up targeted advertising
  • Writing unique articles for the site
  • Raising the site in the first place in Ternopil on request proctology, proctology Ternopil, hemorrhoids, clinic.
  • Increase sales
  • Increasing statistics of unique CA events
  • Sowing positive information about the clinic and raising awareness
  • CA concentration (partial increase)
  • The emergence of the indicator “Brand Recognition” and further development to the ideal result – “Top of mind”





Development of a recognizable logo

Development of a content plan for posts and articles

Development of templates for posts

Development of icons for current stories

Development of models for actions

Publication of interesting content (thematic surveys, information posts, entertainment posts, photos and videos)

Holding promotions

Increasing the target audience with the help of information accounts by criteria: country, city, gender, age

Inoculation of viral content

Creating surveys and discussions to understand the wishes and requirements of the client

Development of a cloud of proctology hashtags and their promotion

Targeted advertising

Search for keywords for Google Ads advertising

Write and customize Google ads

Fill My Google Business with relevant and interesting information

Continuous monitoring and analysis of the overall picture and the pace of progress of proctology with further adjustment.

Promotion through SEO

Site promotion

Indicators of site traffic for the month compared to the same period last year


  1. Organic appearance in Google in the first places for the query “Proctology Ternopil”.
  2. Increased activity in the group, a significant increase in customer base of 1,500 people.
  3. The new design of the page has significantly increased the loyalty of the target audience.
  4. Targeted advertising has good results. The emphasis was on the actions of “Private Proctology Ternopil”.
  5. Recognition of proctology has increased.
  6. Audience coverage for the entire time of work of more than 50,000 people.
  7. Increasing the number of potential customers
  8. Increasing the number of reviews about medical staff
  9. Increase in statistics of unique CA measures + partial concentration
  • Period of work: 2 months and we are still working
  • Tariff: “DaliWin digital (full)”
  • Increase in potential customers in the group: +500
  • Gain likes: +10 likes per post
  • Number of inquiries / orders: +200

All project goals have been achieved. Recognition of “Private Proctology Ternopil” has increased significantly, there was a strong organic growth of the target audience. SMM DaliWin Agency continues to work with this project.

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