Cheat sheet: twenty-two ideas for social media content


Every SMM marketer sometimes has a time when they simply have no idea what to write about. We have put together a cheat sheet for you, which will help you keep your hands up and make a cool content plan.

1. Be interested in the news of your field of activity.

One way or another, you occupy a certain niche in which something new and interesting is happening. The people who subscribe to you have similar interests, so they will definitely be interested.

2. Don’t ignore Pinterest

If you underestimate this wonderful resource, it is very useless. It’s just an inexhaustible source of ideas and aesthetics, so you’ll definitely find something here for an interesting post. Ask your queries in English so you can get more relevant results.

3. Don’t forget about quotes.

We don’t know why, but the quotes just have some magic on social media. For years, people have been fasting, fasting and keeping them in their favorites.

4. Share with subscribers a link to a useful publication, or its summary.

Believe me, content doesn’t always have to be unique, and if you find some cool profile information, don’t be afraid to share it.

5. Create a unique playlist for your subscribers

Make it in the mood: at the beginning of the week it should be cheerful and motivating music, before the weekend – relaxing or romantic.

6. Lists and selections of interests

It doesn’t matter if it’s the 7 most interesting movies or 10 books for warm evenings – subscribers love such things, are willing to read, save and distribute them.

7. Interactive.

Ask your followers questions, ask them for advice. You can always get feedback. By finding out what your subscribers like, you will not only get valuable information, but also increase the activity on the page.

8. Number of the day.

This presentation of information does not clutter the brain, and you have exactly what numbers to tell! Think about it.

9. Your opinion about the current event.

There is a lot of interesting happening in the world every minute. It affects all people to one degree or another. Express your vision, your attitude to such events and get feedback from like-minded people.

10. Before and after.

This is favorite category of every user of social networks. If you have something to show in the format of “was-became” – do not hesitate.

11. Acquaintance with the staff.

It is much easier for customers to perceive a company if they know who works in it and who is responsible for what. You can make a whole series of dating posts with your employees.

12. Write your own FAQ.

You are probably often asked the same questions in the comments. Make a separate post with answers to them or make a series of publications and support it with navigation.

13. Lifehacks.

You are definitely an expert in your field. Share with readers useful and unusual life hacks – it’s always interesting.

14. Backstage.

Show your followers your “internal kitchen” – the office, the processes, the meeting, the warehouses, how their orders are packed and sent to them. Such things increase trust, because you have nothing to hide.

15. Apply memes

What does it mean to use memes? This means applying them so that they work for your business and your page.

16. History.

History is always fascinating and motivating. Share the story of your business, the story of an interesting employee, or your own success story.

17. Aesthetic photos.

Post beautiful themed photos, or whole selections, create mud boards.

18. Announce the competition.

It is always a pleasure to receive gifts. You don’t have to give very expensive gifts; sometimes you can just like a photo of a person, or promote it to a page (provided that your page is already quite popular).

19. Cross-public relations.

This is not just an idea for a post, but also a good way to promote your page. Publicize your partner, a specialist in a related field, etc., and he will promote you in return.

20. Use reposts.

It does not matter what it will be – a useful post, ads, user content. Remember: reposts combine.

21. Tell us about your presence in other networks.

Do you use many other social networks? This is a great opportunity to post about it and invite followers to join your audience.

22. Make a gif.

Gifs are always fun and appropriate. Create a gif with a popular hero or with an excerpt from a cult cartoon and evoke positive emotions in subscribers.

If you do not know what to publish – open our cheat sheet and remind yourself that something interesting happens in life every day. Share this with users, because maybe at this point the information will be useful to them. Don’t skimp on emotions and your subscribers will definitely reciprocate.

Think about your life path, experience, everything you have learned. Remind yourself where you usually get your energy and inspiration from, how you increase your efficiency and lift your spirits. And believe us, from all this moments wonderful posts will be born!