How to build your personal brand on social networks


Today we all live in the age of social networks, and have long been their hostages.  In our time, it has become impossible without them.  After all, it is through them that people are currently building attitudes towards themselves, showing their essence.  And it’s not about one’s ambitions or high self-esteem, it’s because one wants to stand out from the crowd.  Because of this, social networks have become the fastest and most affordable way to tell about yourself.

The formation of your image is based on the information that other people see in you through social networks.  This is what shapes your personal brand.  So, your personal brand is what others think of you.

There are two options:

1 You can remain hostage to social networks in personal and professional images, which are formed from the chaotic information about you on the Internet, which once got there in an unknown way.

2 Or you want to create your own brand and develop your image on the Internet.  If so, I will tell you what are the basic principles of it, and how you can still build your personal brand on the Internet.

It is also important to know that there are people who are not yet ready for publicity.  How to understand?

 -First of all, you need to ask yourself if you are ready for professionalism, and invest in this business every day.

 – Are you ready to take responsibility for what you create.

 – Are you ready for criticism and attention to you.

So, if you understand that this is not all about you, then consider what will help you build your own brand on the Internet.

Consider the basic steps to building your brand.

Step 1

You need to evaluate your image.  To do this, enter your first and last name in google and look at the result.

What does he write about you?  What do people write about you on forums?  Go to your profile on social networks and see what the person who will visit it for the first time will get about you.

Step 2

Think about how you can stand out from other people.  And determine what your professionalism is.  After all, a professional brand is what and how you perform.

They will determine which audience they need, and it will be interesting to see what you offer them. Once you understand all this, then you can choose how you can attract the same audience and how you will convey the same information to these auditors.

Step 3

Develop a plan for how you will post your content on social media so that it is interesting and useful to your audience.  The rule of forming your content can be as follows: 10% of business information, 15% – entertaining, 20% – interesting, 20% – that forms your reputation and 35% – useful in terms of gaining new knowledge and experience.

So before you post your post on social media, ask yourself.  Do I need it?

Because being present in social networks consciously is also a job.