How to make a successful logo? Life hacking from #dali_win


1. You can easily draw it from memory

If your logo is easy to see, remember and reproduce, it is probably good. Imagine a tick from Nike, McDonald’s arches and three Adidas stripes. All of them are quite simple and well remembered, so they are easy to draw.

2. The logo should look like a reliable design.

People are attracted to language and symbols that are well organized, aligned and symmetrical. Constructive reliability is equated with reasonableness, and reasonableness – with excellence. Most companies want to look perfect.

3. The logo should be liked by  the founder of the project.

Nobody wants to agree on a logo that they don’t like, because often a logo is the first thing that a customer and his clients can think of. Design needs to be able to sell.

4. The logo should stand out

When the logos are so interesting that they begin to stand out, it is beneficial for business. People talk about the FedEx logo and their interesting advertising campaign, because they are catchy. Creativity and the ability to lay two values ​​in one form is a great way to create something intriguing and memorable.