The 7 most common mistakes when creating content on Instagram


Running an Instagram account isn’t heart surgery, but there are some common mistakes you should avoid that prevent your account from growing the way you want it to. Don’t worry, everyone was an Instagram beginner once! Learn the most common mistakes, fix them and build big ranges step by step!

1. Do not post hashtags in comments!

This topic has Instagram creators red-hot. Well, why is it better to put hashtags in the content of the post, and not in the comment? In case you don’t know what’s going on, it’s about… ranges. Hashtags placed in the content of the publication allow you to reach 1.5% larger ranges. However, if you prefer to achieve aesthetics, there’s really nothing stopping you from posting hashtags in the comments.

2. Don’t create content just for the feel!

Creating content “just like that” will only work occasionally and only if you know your followers and childhood friends well. However, we strongly recommend that you create a well-thought-out content strategy that allows you to provide your followers with useful, regularly published content on topics of particular interest to them. Don’t leave things to chance – people like to know what to expect.

3. Avoid monotonous content!

Pay attention to the variety of content. There are areas where there is never a shortage of topics to post, and there are also areas where the amount of information that can be shared is limited. What to do in this situation? The so-called content processing is carried out. However, remember that updated content should be presented in an interesting way. If you previously outlined a topic in the form of an infographic, now you can present the same topic in the form of a video or an InstaStories.

4. Don’t just use InstaStories to share posts!

InstaStories is a great tool to deepen your relationship with your followers! Don’t treat it with disdain – use it to bridge the gap, for example by showing behind-the-scenes business! In addition, some private (of course, reasonably), content that engages the audience (the ability to ask questions, polls, quizzes), answers to common questions and a series of … interesting content on InstaStories is ready. When publishing “spoken” stories, be sure to add subtitles for people who are hard of hearing or those who simply cannot watch with sound.

5. Do not underestimate the problem of visual consistency!

You can resent this fact, but people pay attention not only to the merits of the content, but also to visual moments. For this reason, it is worth putting a little effort and care into the aesthetic layer of the posts you prepare. Choose one palette of colors and textures, do not mix filters / presets. Visual coherence reduces chaos on the profile allows the recipient to avoid feeling overloaded and tired from the number of different stimuli.

6. Don’t just focus on algorithms!

If you’re offended by the algorithms and magic shadowbans, it won’t help much. It is much better to direct the energy spent in this way to improve your content. See if you can improve something in the content of the posts, the visual layer. Be sure to use various forms of communication. Instagram gives you something to brag about! Try, improve, be consistent, don’t do what you can’t do!

7. Do not participate in follow4follow!

This is a follower technique where you follow someone else’s account in hopes that the author will pay you back. The catch is that after a while you stop following that account, hoping the other party won’t notice and do the same. First, there are bans on over-subscribing accounts, and you can expect a permanent ban. The second is that people are already allergic to it and can report your account. And yes, you can get banned too. And, besides, the use of this technique is simply not fair in the world.