Which brand will be successful after the crisis?

Crises change the custom rules and produce new ones. Those who are not ready for this are confused. And those who are ready are mobilized and inspired. But no one is left out. After the pandemic came the era of a new brand – inventive, dynamic, alive.

From 70 to 80% of what is happening today is done with the help of the mind. So knowledge and innovative ideas today are a great force.

The brand must offer something unique. It is not enough to make quality products, you need something else, some wow effect – an additional guarantee, creative design, original service. Only then will you be able to get what everyone dreams of – a temporary advantage.

In order not to become a dead brand, you need to be a fast company. Move fast and right now. But you also need to be able to give people time to think, experiment, exchange ideas. Otherwise, you can go the wrong way).

Successful are those who propose new strategies and approaches.

Business requires a creative approach and intellectual contribution everywhere – in creating new products, in organizational and administrative activities, in marketing, in finance, in management. Innovation must be constant, something cannot be done and calmed down, new ideas must be constantly generated.

A successful brand is open to mutually beneficial cooperation and is ready to enter into alliances even with competitors. Goes one step ahead of the consumer. Strives to personalize products and services, to differentiate customers.

It is aesthetic in everything – design, marketing, customer relations.

He appeals to emotions, finding a response in people’s souls.

He wants not only to make money, but also to change the world. The creators of Apple sought not only and not so much to make money as to change the world. They did it.

It is necessary to study not only in schools and universities, but also at work, receiving knowledge from mentors

A successful brand can choose people and resources not on the principle of territorial proximity, but finding the best around the world. Looking for talented people everywhere. Appreciates its employees, treats them personally, developing individual incentive systems.

Unites people with common values and culture, understanding that for people values are no less important than material well-being.

Also, a successful brand must represent a new approach to leadership. A new type of leader is not a tyrant, but a magnet for people, a motivator and a mentor. He is the guarantor of order, but can also bring chaos to a stagnant swamp. You can’t be a leader sometimes. A leader is a way of life. The leader works as if constantly launching a new project.

A skilled leader understands the importance of experiments and therefore does not punish mistakes.

The leader encourages people to learn all their lives, including in the workplace.