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The golden rule of democracy is that there must always be opposition in a certain community. This largely applies to SMM. No wonder we have a division into fans and Hayter, so there is no definite secret of the perfect post. However, due to your target audience, you can create both a good topic and a convenient structure. We’ve put together some tips for you to follow when creating content, especially in the new 2020.

Write less

The trend today is thought-provoking articles by ordinary bloggers. And to be honest, the reflections can reach the level of whole treatises, which are continued in the telegram. The post is short and clear. If you want to write a large text – it is better to create your own microblogging site. In social networks, everything should be read with ease and pace. You can also use the salami principle: divide your text into parts, with each part either numbered or marked with special signs.

Use emoji

While reading the text, the monotony of the letters can exhaust the reader. How to prevent this? Very simple: dilute your emoji content! Have a key idea? Add a light bulb or a red exclamation mark to it. Did you write something with humor? Make this known by using a smiley face. Do you give advice? Visualize them in the beginning! And of course, emojis affect the mood of the reader: more positive – more joy.

Write on a specific topic

There are different categories of bloggers: some keep a diary of their lives, and others – about their profession, craft, occupation. Given the fact that life is diverse and different things happen, it is not desirable to raise questions in the blog of a family psychologist or fitness trainer that do not relate to the relevant topic: there is enough talk about elections and politics. It is better to express your real competence than certain attempts. Show what you are capable of and share your own philosophy!

Capture the image

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but no matter how hard you try, this cover plays a significant role. Remember a page where one or two colors dominate: is it really nice to watch? Experiments with the rainbow are a risky business, especially if such posts alternate through one. Use photo processing applications, choose the best tone and contrast for you and captivate your readers with your beautiful postcard with the main message: this is for you!