Customer: MC “QUERCUS”. Main areas of activity: ultrasound diagnostics, gynecology, massage, ECG.

Medicine is one of the most difficult areas for promotion. This is primarily due to very high competition, because now almost all medical centers have social media accounts.

Therefore, in working with our client MC “QUERCUS” we pay special attention to “live” content, constantly show the expertise of doctors of the clinic, involve subscribers in communication

Tasks before the project:

  • Create and design pages on social networks;
  • Develop an action plan together with a specialist;
  • Come up with a program of free and paid offers;
  • Organize and hold a draw of free procedures;
  • Organize effective targeted advertising;
  • Ensure properly the process of selling paid procedures.

What was done:

Choice of promotional product:

Together with the client we have developed a campaign: “2 + 1” for ultrasound diagnostics. Make an ultrasound of any two organs and get the third examination – free!

CA analysis and compilation of the client’s avatar

We have determined the target audience of our services for which the advertising will be adjusted.

Creating (editing) pages on social networks.



The pages have already been created on social networks, but after conducting a detailed audit and analysis, we decided to develop a brand book and a concept of promotion.

Pages to design:

First of all, we developed a logo for social networks

Then they created a bright banner

Developed templates for posts

Consolidated the current pages

A promotional post was also set up telling about the action we launched


The next stage was the launch of targeted advertising and, subsequently, its analysis.


We managed to achieve the shown results thanks to the active participation of the clinic staff, only in this way it is possible to convey the atmosphere of the clinic, show its advantages over competitors and attract potential customers.

If you are an information businessman / coach / Internet entrepreneur, focused on results and want to increase profits, then write to us and we will definitely work!