How to promote a new product on Facebook?


If you want to stand out from the competition, it’s best to offer something that customers didn’t know before. However, it is currently difficult to find such an innovative product. However, this does not mean that it will not be possible to attract buyers to the last offer. To attract attention when bringing goods to market, social media is ideal. How to advertise news on Facebook to convince recipients that they are exactly what they are looking for? We offer some ideas in the following post.

Develop an active plan

A sophisticated marketing strategy should be the basis of any campaign. Although it happens that a randomly created creation is gaining popularity on the Internet, it is extremely rare. Therefore, it is extremely important to create a detailed plan that will take into account not only the implementation of the project itself, but also the way we will measure the effectiveness of advertising.

First of all, you need to think about who you want to contact with the product. Consider who belongs to the target group and what interests the audience. Having this information on hand will make it much easier to design a campaign and assess whether it is delivering the expected results. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t deviate too much from the brand’s basic assumptions – the latest ad should match the current communication on Facebook, as well as be consistent with other entries posted on the website, also visually.

To arouse curiosity

Usually what is most interesting is what is hidden. Before introducing your new product to a wide audience, think about letting the audience know that we are preparing something special for them. This may be a regular post about the release date, but if you want to interest fans as much as possible, you should bet on a large teaser campaign, ie on an unusual, mysterious and without revealing the essence of advertising. Popular practices in this area include the use of a prominent slogan, which is placed on the chart or in the video along with the date, without disclosing what is said in this action. To keep your interest, publish regular posts that relate to your slogan.

The process of creating behind the scenes

If you want to emphasize how unique the latest product is, you should show how much work it took to create it. Posting photos or videos showing a team working on a solution tells fans that the premiere is what you need to wait for. In addition, it will allow recipients to better understand the company’s activities and products offered. A short description is also often included in the presentation of the behind-the-scenes report, which states what inspired the project, what difficulties it had to face during its implementation and how the product stands out among competitors.

Hashtags as a useful tool for creating associations

To make it easier for recipients to quickly find product information, you should use hashtags that contain words that are memorized and referenced to the latest project. This tool will allow the brand to easily track all the posts created by users in a particular campaign, create a community and find places where the launch is mentioned. It is important that the hashtag stands out and is unique.

Involvement of recipients in the product development process

Keep the attention of the teaser recipients by involving them in the actions related to the last offer. By giving you the opportunity to make certain decisions about your new product, we will not only entertain fans, but also significantly increase their interest in the launch day. People will look forward to the range in which they participated in the creation.


As you approach the release date, you can further increase the voltage by starting the countdown. This method of arousing interest is practiced in different ways.

Some brands use cover art for this purpose, others update their profile images daily, and still others publish newer graphics, telling fans how much time is left before the product is released. This is a great way to grab the attention of fans, as well as make them feel that they are expecting something truly amazing.

An original way to promote

Keep in mind that fans of the site do not necessarily follow the brand’s publications in order to purchase products. That’s why you need to interest your audience with interesting, valuable content. For example, incendiary video tutorials that emphasize the value of an article or offer suggestions for writing or using it are ideal for this role. The more original the action, the better – creative ideas will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Product reminder

One mention of new products is definitely not enough on Facebook. This channel on social networks constantly updates the images of the publication, which can lead to the fact that the published publication will not be displayed by your recipients or the message will not remain in their minds enough. It is a good idea to create several different graphics for the product. Thanks to this, recipients will not be bored to find a post about the same product again. One popular way is to set the poster as a cover photo on your profile. This will make each visitor pay attention to the news in the first place.

Show off your thoughts

There is no better form of advertising than satisfied customer feedback. User feedback is usually more valuable and credible to potential buyers than brand promises. Internet users want to share their opinions on social media, so after the premiere, you should follow how they comment on the proposal, and then share their posts.

Businesses often boast positive feedback about their profiles and encourage them to present the purchased product, mark the profile or use the hashtag they have created. This allows stakeholders to learn what the product looks like and works in reality. You can also decide to organize an interesting competition to present the product. This form of promotion will help the last offer to reach more people.

Advertising a new product on Facebook is the result

Even the best product needs proper advertising. Properly prepared campaign will increase interest in the offer, keeping itself in the minds of recipients. Using Facebook for this purpose is a relatively simple and extremely effective way to reach customers. To make the premiere memorable, you need to focus on creativity and unconventionality, so you can stand out from the competition. In terms of promotion, keep in mind other social media channels and focus on other forms of online advertising.