Instagram’s recommendations? What is it? And how do they work?


Instagram’s recommendations are the preferences of users who magically appear in the feed and who match the preferences of certain users.

Also, the so-called “recommended” that you can see in your feed or, for example, if you want to get a “recommendation”, is determined by the success of your Instagram profile, the number of likes, interest and activity of your audience in the comments.

Of а great importance is an active blog and active communication between the blog owner or the people directly attached to the blog, activity. The vast majority of recommendations are business accounts where the profile is open and with which you can easily collaborate. Invisible profiles. Also closed profiles are available only to users who have subscribed to this profile, and it is not possible to see recommendations from it, because the posts are available to subscribers, not for all Instagram users. They are not available to the casual user.

The main advice that you can get in the Instagram recommendations is the frequency, uniqueness and creativity of photos. You probably came across beautiful pictures of girls models on Instagram, which appear first in the recommendations, and all because their posting is regular and beautiful picture likes the vast majority of people.

This is the algorithm of Instagram. To increase coverage and uniqueness, we recommend:

1. Carry out a monthly analysis, identify what is gaining more success and the reaction of our target audience.

2. From the information used to take everything useful and create the most interesting and effective for our users.

3. Encourage our CA with promotions, posts and gifts. It is the high activity and useful content that is included in the recommendations.

How do the recommendations work?

Have you ever wondered why he shows you the same product several times on Instagram?

This is how Instagram recommendations work.

Recommendations are not taken from anywhere, our every step and action in Instagram system records. Everything that the system can show you twice or even three times corresponds to your past queries, what you were interested in, drove in the search engine wanted to buy.