Marketing of world top-companies


Naturally, each of them has its own feature. Here are a few examples.

IKEA – every product in its shops may appear only if the price is agreed beforehand. It’s not about a new production. For example, the IKEA managers set the price on a sofa. Then, according to the price, the design and construction are developed. This approach allows to determine the fair price and increase the sales rate.

There are two special features of the company: its focus on ecological production and national identity. The shop may be located in different countries, but there must be 1) books or brochures in Swedish. 2) A separate information about the naturalness of goods, eco-packages, etc.

Each of us knows McDonald’s as a fast-food establishment. The term “Fast-food” is usually associated with fast service and fast preparation of intermediate goods. In this scope McDonald’s has lots of achievements, but in can’t be considered as a champion. Fast-food industry, referring to the managers of McDonald’s, should have specific conditions in its establishments so customers won’t sit there for a long time. Design of each restaurant is not the cosy one: people can’t feel completely relaxed, because others will be loud, walk back and forth. McDonald’s customer must give space to another one.

The largest “Real Estate” company in the world claims, that it trades with burgers. Actually, it doesn’t cooks burgers for over half a century, but gives franchises to private enterpreuners. However, there is a principal condition: the enterpreuner should find a dynamic place in his city, buy a placement there, but for the firm, and rents it.