Why complex website promotion is more effective


If you have your own business and offer to purchase products or services, website and social media pages are a mandatory part of advertising. A few years ago, top positions in search engines were achieved very easily – it was enough to write a short SEO article and use keywords.

Today the competition has grown significantly and Google’s algorithm has changed. Comprehensive internet marketing is recommended to achieve good performance. This service is also offered by our company, because the development in all areas of advertising will help a business to take a top place in its niche.

What is integrated promotion

If you are really interested in developing your business, you should familiarize yourself with this service. So, translated from English SEO means search engine optimization. If you use certain algorithms and avoid technical mistakes, the search engine robot will easily “read” the site and raise it to the first positions in the search. Paid search results are a separate topic, but now you should look at organic results.

According to statistics, the user very rarely goes to the second search page. Therefore, the main task of a search engine is to enable the user to find the answer to his question as quickly and efficiently as possible. Technical robots easily identify the problems of the site, so a tick is immediately put on that the site is of “low quality” and the promotion of such a resource becomes a very difficult task.

Basic site requirements

To rank a site higher or lower, the search engine evaluates factors, the total number of which can be up to 500 points. They can be divided into several main groups:

1. Text. An article on the site must meet such requirements as: high uniqueness, optimization for keywords, literacy, topic disclosure and information content.

2. Internal quality: how quickly the page loads, availability of a mobile version, minimum of technical errors.

3. External links. Linking to a blog or website from other sources is a positive factor for advertising.

If the site traffic is low, promoting even a technically ideal site will be a difficult task.

It is clear that raising a site in the ranking requires constant improvement and development. Complex internet marketing helps in this.

Search engine algorithm

In order for the site to get into the search, it must go through several stages:

1. Scanning. The robot crawls the entire site, determines what is new and indexes new pages. This task takes a lot of time, so sometimes the robot is helped with special programs.

2. Indexing. After inspecting and exploring the site, the robot adds pages to its database if it believes that the information is useful to the user.

3. Ranging. From the database, the robot selects those pages that meet all the criteria and throws them into the search.

Therefore, the task of an SEO specialist is to develop pages that will be indexed by the search engine as the most useful for the user.

Website promotion methods

An acceptable, accessible and legal optimization method is called white. Everyone uses it. The basis is the compilation of the semantic core (that is, the selection of keywords). The technical part is equally important. You should pay special attention to the indexing of your site by a search robot. Other methods of developing a marketing strategy:

● work with blogs, reviews, links;

● improving usability (usability of the site);

● conversion optimization (the ratio of active users to their total number).

It is also worth knowing about the black site promotion methods. Their use allows the site to quickly reach the top positions, but this may end up with the site being banned. Our experts in no way advise using this promotion technique.

Effective business development is impossible without your own website. If you do not promote the channel, the website will not provide a flow of customers and, accordingly, will not generate income. Therefore, complex website promotion is the best choice if you want to win a place in the TOP.