Case. Real estate agency “537”

Today we want to show what results we managed to achieve in working with the Real Estate Agency “537”.

Who will benefit from this case?

Owners of real estate agencies and realtors who want to see an example of quality work to attract interested audiences on social networks;

Targetologists who promote business in the field of “real estate” with a long cycle of transactions.

Acquaintance with the client

“Real Estate Agency” 537 “is not just a real estate agency, it is an individual selection of real estate, taking into account all your wishes and goals.



Website (which we developed)

Link to YouTube channel


Bring new customers from Facebook and Instagram.


Use posting and targeting to reach as many users as possible who fit the description of your target audience.

What happened?

A “dead” profile on Instagram and a Facebook group that found results twice a week.

Before work


Developed the agency’s logo

Developed an avatar for social networks

Launched YouTube channel

Developed a banner for social networks

Developed templates for posts

Decorated fixed Storis

Shot a commercial caster about the agency

Developed flyer layouts for distribution

Developed a design for holiday cards

Targeted advertising

Based on the portraits of the target audience, given to us by the customer – selected several segments of audiences

Picked up headings and posted posts with a new design

Launched advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

The following CA were selected:

Women and men over 30 living in the Ternopil region with interests in the field of luxury, luxury real estate; real estate investing; luxury items (cars, luxury appliances, designer jewelry).

Subscribers of competitors.

Women and men over 25 who are interested in real estate and travel abroad.

In order not to show advertising to an insolvent audience, those who are not yet working (Not Yet Working), who are interested in free public transport, coupon sales, microcredit, discounts and benefits have been removed from it.


We are ready to take on your project.