Digital 2019: users spend 6 hours 42 minutes a day on the Internet.

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HootSuite and We Are Digital reports that the average Internet user spends more than a quarter of his life on the Internet. Consumers are online for 6 hours and 42 minutes daily, and mobile devices remain a popular device for entering the digital world. In the US, users spend 6 hours 31 minutes. The people of the Philippines spend the most time on the Internet – 10 hours and 02 minutes, and the people of Japan – the least – 3 hours and 45 minutes. The study also pointed to a slight drop in internet usage last year, and predicts that initiatives such as Screen Time will help users better track time spent on the network.

GlobalWebIndex notes that 92% of Internet users watch videos online every month, which means that more than 4 billion people in the world consume online video content in early 2019. Nearly 6 billion people in the world have a TV in the house.

Users also interact in a new way with the Internet. For 2018, voice control tools have increased significantly, and almost 4 out of 10 users use voice commands or voice search monthly. The average social network user already spends 2 hours and 16 minutes a day on social platforms – 1 minute more than last year. And this is almost a third of all time spent on the Internet, and one seventh of their active life.

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