Giveaway: instructions on how to kill your Instagram account for your own money


Giveaway it is a raffle in which a person known on Instagram raffles off gifts. It can be a blogger, a famous actor, or a star of show business, that is – a person with a large audience. To take part in the raffle, you must subscribe to all so-called sponsors, usually on a specially designed page.

How does giveaway work?

– A new account is created, the so-called competitive, in which the activity will take place

– Blogger actively advertises giveaway on his main page so that as many subscribers as possible take part in the contest

– At the end of the competition there is a random raffle of gifts live among the participants (who have signed up for sponsorship accounts). There can be an average of 45-150 such accounts.

Sponsors: who is it?

In fact, it can be any page. In fact, the organizers of the competition do not care what content is contained in the accounts of sponsors and whether it meets at least the basic rules of ethics, because the main condition for participation is payment.

If you analyze the pages of giveaway sponsors, you will find there mostly people who want to quickly become famous or promote their business without making excessive efforts. These can be:

– Coaches and people who sell the info product;

– Newly created and not quite online stores;

– Girls who dream of quickly becoming famous bloggers;

– In general, people who have the financial resources and do not have enough time or desire to maintain a quality account and lead the audience organically

And you will never see such people as Yevhen Chernyak or Oscar Hartmann in your life, because these people are a real value and subscribers come to them organically.

So what is the price of the question?

Bloggers ask for an average of UAH 2,000-6,000 for participating in the giveaway.

And now imagine that 60-70% of people who came to you from giveaway – will unsubscribe after it. And those who remain will not see your posts, because they did not interact with the page. And we immediately understand the falsity of the statement “I’ll recruit people, and then I’ll make cool content and keep them.” As we have already mentioned – people will not see your content banally.

It becomes clear that if you use such tools for other types of advertising, such as targeting or direct advertising by a blogger with a quality audience – the effect will be much higher.

Instagram – against!

The network system prevents such contests in every possible way – it blocks accounts with gives, posts-announcements about the contest, blocks for a large number of subscriptions at the same time, there were even precedents with a block of millionaire bloggers who announced gives.

What will the sponsors get as a result?

And now  the most interesting.

At first glance, everything seems more than rosy:

– Many subscribers. Yes, this figure warms the heart, but in this case, the “number of subscribers” is not equal to “popularity”.

– Relatively low cost. Attracting 1 subscriber in giveaway costs an average of 0,5 UAH. This is much lower than through a target or direct advertising from a blogger.

But these are only superficial results. If you analyze deeper, the picture does not seem so wonderful.

– Non-target and insolvent audience.

Audience of gives is teenagers (13-17 years). Have you ever dreamed of such an audience? Hardly.

They have no interest in you or your account – just click on the “Subscribe” button. Accordingly, they will not see your posts or stories in the tape. So do not expect from them likes, comments, not to mention the purchase of your products.

– Your coverage will fall.

They will not just fall, but fall down. Instagram is a complex algorithm that determines the interest of your account based on how the audience interacts with it – whether it likes, comments, reads posts and watches stories. And if before your content was more or less interesting for your audience, which was made up of your friends or people you like, then after the giveaway wait for a radical change in the situation. Now the bulk of your followers will be people who came with a live. They will show you no interest or activity, scrolling through the post as quickly as possible if it happens to them in the feed.

Your engagement index will drop to zero, which can mean only one thing to Instargam: you are uninteresting! Your coverage will drop critically. For example, less than 1% of subscribers will see your pages, and fewer than 5% will see posts in the feed.

– Unsubscribe from your account.

As soon as the draw is over – fans of “freebies” leave the accounts of sponsors. The most convenient thing is to just go to the giveway page and unsubscribe from all sponsors. Bloggers know this and try to delete this list as quickly as possible. However, this does not help much. It’s not so difficult to sort your subscriptions by chronology and delete the latest ones. During the first day you will leave 30% of young followers, over the next few days – another 20-25%. Unsubscribing will continue when a person sees your post in their feed. This means that you and your page have no value and no interest. The social network will literally “bury” your account and reach.

Is there anything you can do?

The options are as follows:

– Permanent cash giveaways. Your new audience loves gifts and seems to be the only thing that can keep them.

– Reorient the topics of the posts to a new audience.

– To sponsor gives continuousl.

– Wrap likes and comments. Then the account will not look “dead”.

But it’s just to give up, not to be. The above methods exist, there are “bloggers” who use them, but this is a utopia. You just have to create a new account, forgetting about the old one and all the money you invested there.

Of course, whether or not to participate in giveaway is up to you. If you need “imitation of popularity” – this is your option. But if you are pursuing deeper and more serious prices – do not sacrifice your account.