How to lay a solid foundation in your business? CANVAS business model.


The Canvas business model was created by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pinier. This is a scheme that occupies only one page, but accurately describes all the business processes of the company. Translated, canvas, means canvas, ie the foundation for your business. The guys claim that this formula will help businessmen to skillfully and quickly impose their initial business on a thick canvas, which will provide strong support during its development.

Who is our customer?

You have already chosen a niche, tested it, realized that it is working and ready to put all the money into advertising and goods and start a business. Wait! Do not do this without reading the following sentence. Before starting any business, you need to know your target audience. Make a portrait of the ideal customer, understand what he lives for, what he is interested in and whether he is ready to spend his money on your product? Only then can you start a business and invest in advertising!


What values ​​do we offer to the consumer?

What problems do we help our customers solve?

What needs do we meet?

What set of goods and services can we offer to each consumer?

The better and more honestly you answer these questions, the more customers you will get. Yes, a good wrapper plays a role, but not as much as the high value of the product or service.

The next step, you need to find parallels between the consumer segment (Who is our customer) and the value proposition (4 basic questions). This will help you in creating a UTP (unique trade offer). The success of every business depends on UTP.

Sales channels.

Sales channels, there are nth number. Here and sundress radio, online stores, showrooms and much more. There is no winning option to go to sell. But there is a winning scheme that sells.

CANVAS business model

5 stages:

– Information

– Estimated

– Selling

– Delivery

– After-sales

Mostly, if we take into account stages 1, 2 and 4, then for some reason we forget about stages 3 and 5.

What is the Evaluation Stage?

This is what is called the “wow” or “wow, shit” effect. These are of course extremes, but the essence, I hope, you have caught. For a successful business, you just need to advance this stage, you have to look for the client as if you are Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie. So that he would like to come and take your number.

The after-sales phase, is this a skillful liar called a loyalty program?))

This is when, on one purchase, the interaction with your customer does not end. You make your customer, your fan. It doesn’t come in a year or two, it’s the result of long and hard work, but the result is worth it!

CANVAS business model

How are connections formed?

How many stories have you heard about “can help you”? Understand, it bothers people! If a person is interested in the product / service, he will ask you about it. Better in the moment of conversation, try to show your best qualities and not to steam, but really help! Only then, a person will want to buy something from you and buy more than once. Remember yourself, how do you feel about people who sincerely want to help you? I think the answer is obvious here.

Key resources

Material resources

Intellectual resources



This is what is called working money. The cost of office, staff, advertising, scaling tools and the funds you use to acquire new knowledge and skills.

I think this is understandable, let’s move on.

Key partners

Strategic cooperation between non-competing companies

Cooperation and strategic partnership between competitors

Joint actions to launch new business projects

Manufacturer’s relationship with suppliers

If you do not understand why you need to partner with someone and share money, the answer is very simple, to master the skill or open a new department, you will spend much more time and money than a partnership. Be an expert in your field and don’t waste time trying to get carried away.

Cost structure



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This is all the information you need to learn in order to lay a solid foundation in the skyscraper of your successful business!