What phrases should not be in the corporate text?

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1. “Our friendly team of professionals is always happy” + any verb (to help, tell, provide and so on) – naturally, the client will not return to you if the gloomy girl meets him and is glad to be free rather than help the buyer.

2. “Every our employee is a true professional!” – why should a company hire low-profile specialists?

3. “Individual approach to everyone” – is there a group service?

4. “Wide range of services” – how wide is it? Will your telecommunications company cook and deliver me pizza?

5. “A full range of services in the field …” – better write what exactly you are doing. Data. More facts.

6. “High-quality service” – why work if it is done inadequately?

7. “The shortest time” – in combination with the previous stamp, a new one is obtained – “Qualitatively and in time”. Many have ceased to trust this. Write the truth and without hackneyed phrases;)

8. “Especially for you” – for me and any other customer who visits the site.